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Whiplash Treatment & Therapies

State of the Art Treatment

Over 50,000 Patients Treated/Assessed to Date!


“Trust the doctors who teach other doctors how to

Assess, Diagnose and Treat Whiplash, Concussion and Chronic Pain Injuries.”

We Focus on Recovery

NOT Symptoms!

After a Whiplash Injury you have up to 3 weeks to get the correct treatment.  Otherwise you risk developing long term chronic pain.  

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Multiple Treatment Options on Each Visit

Whiplash Treatment Based on Research

Whiplash Trauma involves up to 6 forces acting on the spine almost instantaneously.  This is a severe trauma, that requires a multi-modal approach to care.  One treatment option is simply not enough to fully recovery in most cases.

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Recovery Doesn't Stop When In Office Care Stops

Whiplash Injuries are more serious than you think!

The Best Research shows that after a Whiplash Injury at Best, you can get about 70% "back to normal".  We understand this and provide continued options post clinical treatment to prevent relapse of your injuries.

Why Choosing the Right Doctor can Determine if you Recovery 

Your Doctors Training, Education and Experience Matter.

Training, education, and experience are all important regardless of profession. Training provides the necessary knowledge to perform a job, education provides the theoretical background and understanding, and experience gives the ability to make decisions in a variety of situations for a number of injuries and traumas. All three are important for any doctor/professional to have in order to succeed.

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