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Universal Health & Rehabilitations

Your Multidisciplinary Healthcare Solution.

Chiropractic | Physiotherapy | Acupuncture

Soft Tissue Therapy | Motor Vehicle Trauma Rehabilitation

Chronic Pain Management | Concussion Therapy

About Us

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Our company is dedicated to improved health and wellness through education, treatment and customer service.  Located in upper Toronto, just off of the Yonge Finch Subway line, Universal Health & Rehabilitation provides the convenience of location for Greater Toronto and surrounding area patients, with the benefit of cutting edge treatment and advantageous scheduling options to meet your availability. ​

Whether you’re moving the mouse all day at work or struggling to gain mobility after a sports injury, work injury, or car accident, you’ve come to the right place. Dr. Mazzarella and Dr. Marek utilize an array of chiropractic care techniques, physiotherapy, acupuncture, kinesiology, massage therapy and exercises to help patients experience freedom from pain, enjoy restored function, and experience improved quality of life. 

Don't wait!  Wellness starts to day!

Areas of Expertise

Whiplash Education

Patient Assessment

Patient Treatment

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